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Simulation Software

Simcad® simulates your current operation to detect bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and plan for improvements. Reduce Risk and Maximize Efficiency.

AI Powered Digital Twin

Digital Twin Studio® monitors, predicts, and optimizes the operation in Real-Time based on an integrated AI and Machine Learning engine.

Digital Twin & Simulation Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, our team is ready to help you tackle your digital twin and simulation initiatives, automation migration, or new design validation.

Benefits of Simulation Software

Our simulation software offers a risk-free, interactive environment to visualize, analyze, and optimize process flows. By using dynamic interactive simulations, you can assess the impact of improvement ideas, define and test automation solutions, and identify bottlenecks and efficiency losses. With dynamic simulation, users can create a step-by-step plan towards achieving an optimal future state, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Simplified Model Building with Dynamic Simulators

Dynamic simulators offer a model building environment with constructs that let users define models without heavy coding. While minimal coding may be necessary, the environment is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Our interactive dynamic simulators enable real-time changes to model constraints during simulations, creating an almost game-like experience. This feature significantly reduces the time needed for model building, debugging, validation, and optimization.

Benefits of Simcad®

Simcad® offers numerous advantages, empowering users to create simulation models swiftly and efficiently. Here are the key benefits:

  • Rapid Model Building: Supports 2D, 3D, and VR/AR visualization for a complete and immersive understanding of your operations.

  • Interactive Model Validation: The built-in AI/ML engine generates accurate models for any operation, including both discrete and continuous settings, ensuring precision and reliability.

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Data analysis tools are readily available, making it easy to compare simulation results with actual performance metrics.

  • Versatility in Applicationt: Simcad® can be utilized to analyze existing operations, design new processes, or validate automation and flow changes, all with minimal risk.

  • Risk Reduction: By enabling detailed simulations and validations, Simcad® helps in minimizing the risks associated with implementing new processes or changes in existing workflows.

Simcad®’s robust features make it an invaluable tool for optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring successful implementation of automation and process improvements.


New Features

Simcad Simulation Software

Simcad® Simulation Software: Advanced Visualization and Optimization

Simcad® Simulation Software provides comprehensive support for 2D, 3D, and VR/AR visualization, enabling detailed analysis and optimization of your facility. Here are the standout features and benefits:

  • Multi-Dimensional Visualization: Supports 2D, 3D, and VR/AR visualization for a complete and immersive understanding of your operations.

  • AI/ML Integration: The built-in AI/ML engine generates accurate models for any operation, including both discrete and continuous settings, ensuring precision and reliability.

  • Lean Initiative Support: Dynamically generates value stream maps based on model constraints, supporting lean initiatives and helping to identify and eliminate waste.

  • Enhanced Analysis and Optimization: Facilitates thorough analysis and optimization of your facility, improving efficiency and performance.

Simcad® Simulation Software’s advanced capabilities make it an essential tool for modern facilities aiming to enhance visualization, accuracy, and lean efficiency.

CreateASoft, Inc. announces the release of Simcad® v16.0

Updated 3D Graphics Engine

  • NEW - Ray tracing, transparency, lighting, and more
  • Faster 3D rendering and improved GPU utilization for faster 3D
  • NEW - Material control and color saturation
  • Improved representation of multi-level buildings
  • Improved 3D editor view with for better model modifications in 3D

Updated Modules and Interface

  • NEW - Access to custom and stock modules with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • NEW - Pre-defined entities for resources, carriers and objects
  • Improved auto-create settings and control
  • NEW - Process based metrics view for quick analysis
  • Fine tuning interface to improve positioning in 2D and 3D

Simulation Engine

  • Improved multi-threading capability for even faster simulation runs
  • NEW - Ability to change overall model properties during the simulation run


Additional Capabilities

  • Auto-create racking and processes directly from Excel import
  • NEW - Support for new robots: Multi-axis, SCARA, gantry, top mounted, spider, and more
  • NEW - Improve script editor to improve customization
  • Expanded spaghetti analysis diagrams, heat maps, and congestion analysis
  • NEW - Auto update the model from external data systems – processes and entities are modified automatically based on external data changes.

Smart Spatially Aware Entities


Simulation White Papers By Industry

simulation software

 Business Simulation

Real-Time interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize process flow systems.

  • What is static simulation and dynamic simulation?
  • Business success with simulation
  • Free simulation Demo - schedule your demo today


warehouse simulation


Analytics And Inventory Management - Full support for AGV, ASRS, tuggers, conveyors, robots, and material handling equipment.

  • Slotting, picking, receiving, shipping analysis & optimization
  • Optimizing overall warehouse efficiency with schedule & staffing
  • Conveyance layout & design and capacity planning & scheduling


manufacturing simulation

 Manufacturing & Automation

Using Dynamic Simulation brings operations into a virtual environment, taking away all the risk of costly experimentation.

  • Lean manufacturing & assembly implementation
  • Bulk manufacturing - kilgore flares
  • Material handling optimization - the eaton cutler-hammer


logistics simulation


Proactive management with real-time forecasting and dynamic simulation for lean logistics, distribution center, and supply chain.

  • Improving logistics efficiency with dynamic simulation
  • Tracking and traceability of products throughout the network
  • Simulation of material handling inside a distribution center


predictive analytics in simulation

 Predictive Analytics

Next generation predictive analytics and dynamic simulation, real-time integrated solution providing predictive analytics.

  • Business process improvement - simulation ROI
  • VSM + Simulation and Analysis
  • Empowering Industry 4.0, IOT, Tracking & predictive analytics


healthcare simulation


Improving the ED, OR Department, Radiology, labs, bed allocation, room specialty schedule and internal supply chain with simulation.

  • Connecting the data and simulation for capacity analysis
  • Expand treatment flows and allocate providers for planning / scheduling
  • Optimize patient flow and reduce patient wait times