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Dynamic Simulation

Simcad Pro® simulates your current operation to detect bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and plan for improvements. Reduce Risk and Maximize Efficiency.

AI Powered Digital Twin

Digital Twin Studio® monitors, predicts, and optimizes the operation in Real-Time based on an integrated AI and Machine Learning engine.

Digital Twin & Simulation Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, our team is ready to help you tackle your digital twin and simulation initiatives, automation migration, or new design validation.


What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin model is a virtual representation of the operation with all its constraints, capabilities, and activities. The digital twin behaves like the real system, reacts to events in a similar way, and is constrained by its limitations.

How does it work?

Digital Twin Studio has all the constructs needed to create an actual duplicate of the live system. Digital Twin Studio processes live and historical data to accurately predict the future state of the operation, and optimizes schedules, WIP, slotting, and more in real-time. It integrates AI and Machine Learning in order to learn from the past and optimize the future.

What are the benefits of a Digital Twin?

The digital twin is constantly monitoring the operation to provide efficiency optimization in real-time. As the live environment changes, the digital twin adapts and provides efficiency improvement recommendation.

Increase Efficiency

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90 Days

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Seamless Transition From Simulation to Digital Twin
From Simcad Pro® to Digital Twin Studio

Simcad Pro
  • Loads unlimited historical data
  • Provides simulation analysis based on data or distributions
  • Interactive environment to identify slippages, bottlenecks, and more
  • Experiment with new flows, validate automation, design new lines
Digital Twin Studio
  • Connects and loads unlimited historical and live, real-time data
  • Represents the real-time state of the operation
  • Integrates AI and Machine Learning
  • Hands-Off monitoring to identify bottlenecks, slippages, and more

Models built in Simcad Pro® are imported to Digital Twin Studio to allow AI to analyze, learn, and optimize your environment.

What is a Dynamic Simulation?

Dynamic Simulation® provides a risk-free, interactive environment to visualize, analyze and optimize process flows. Dynamic interactive simulation analyzes the impact of improvement ideas, helps define and test automation solution, and detects flow bottlenecks and efficiency degradation. Using Dynamic Simulation, users can develop a step-by-step path to an optimal future state.

How does Dynamic Simulation work?

A dynamic simulator’s model building environment provides constructs that allow users to define the model without relying on code. Although coding may be required at some point, it is kept to a minimum in a simplified environment. Interactive Dynamic Simulators allow for model constraints to change while the simulation is running (almost game-like environment) which reduces model building, debugging, validation, and optimization time.

What are the benefits of Simcad Pro?

Simcad Pro® enables users to build simulation models in days rather than months using a patented, interactive modeling environment. Model validation is performed interactively and data analysis is readily available to compare to actuals. Simcad Pro® can be used to analyze an existing operation, design a new one, or validate automation and flow changes with minimum risk.

New Features

Simcad Pro with VR/Physics and Smart Entities

CreateASoft offers simulation software, simulation consulting, digital twin deployment, and live tracking systems supporting multiple industries including warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and automation.

CreateASoft, Inc. announces the releases Simcad Pro V15.3 & Simcad Pro Health V15.3

Updated 3D Graphics Engine

  • NEW - Ray tracing, transparency, lighting, and more
  • Faster 3D rendering and improved GPU utilization for faster 3D
  • NEW - Material control and color saturation
  • Improved representation of multi-level buildings
  • Improved 3D editor view with for better model modifications in 3D

Updated Modules and Interface

  • NEW - Access to custom and stock modules with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • NEW - Pre-defined entities for resources, carriers and objects
  • Improved auto-create settings and control
  • NEW - Process based metrics view for quick analysis
  • Fine tuning interface to improve positioning in 2D and 3D

Simulation Engine

  • Improved multi-threading capability for even faster simulation runs
  • NEW - Ability to change overall model properties during the simulation run


Additional Capabilities

  • Auto-create racking and processes directly from Excel import
  • NEW - Support for new robots: Multi-axis, SCARA, gantry, top mounted, spider, and more
  • NEW - Improve script editor to improve customization
  • Expanded spaghetti analysis diagrams, heat maps, and congestion analysis
  • NEW - Auto update the model from external data systems – processes and entities are modified automatically based on external data changes.

Smart Spatially Aware Entities


Simulation By Industry

 Business Simulation

Real-Time interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize process flow systems.

  • What is static simulation and dynamic simulation?
  • Business success with simulation
  • Free simulation Demo - schedule your demo today


distribution warehouse simulation


Analytics And Inventory Management - Full support for AGV, ASRS, tuggers, conveyors, robots, and material handling equipment.

  • Slotting, picking, receiving, shipping analysis & optimization
  • Optimizing overall warehouse efficiency with schedule & staffing
  • Conveyance layout & design and capacity planning & scheduling


manufacturing simulation

 Manufacturing & Automation

Using Dynamic Simulation brings operations into a virtual environment, taking away all the risk of costly experimentation.

  • Lean manufacturing & assembly implementation
  • Bulk manufacturing - kilgore flares
  • Material handling optimization - the eaton cutler-hammer


logistics simulation


Proactive management with real-time forecasting and dynamic simulation for lean logistics, distribution center, and supply chain.

  • Improving logistics efficiency with dynamic simulation
  • Tracking and traceability of products throughout the network
  • Simulation of material handling inside a distribution center


 Predictive Analytics

Next generation predictive analytics and dynamic simulation, real-time integrated solution providing predictive analytics.

  • Business process improvement - simulation ROI
  • VSM + Simulation and Analysis
  • Empowering Industry 4.0, IOT, Tracking & predictive analytics


healthcare simulation


Improving the ED, OR Department, Radiology, labs, bed allocation, room specialty schedule and internal supply chain with simulation.

  • Connecting the data and simulation for capacity analysis
  • Expand treatment flows and allocate providers for planning / scheduling
  • Optimize patient flow and reduce patient wait times