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Patient Flow in the Hospital

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Hospital Patient Flow with Simcad Pro Health Simulation Software

With the seemingly ever increasing cost of healthcare, it is becoming more and more important to improve efficiency and to find a way to utilize resources to their fullest potential for the benefit of both the institution and the patient. After all, without patients, a medical institution would not be needed at all. This fact makes patients one of the most important factors in healthcare today. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency of healthcare facilities and to improve patient flow and decrease wait times without sacrificing the quality of care being administered.

Using Simcad Pro Health 's patented dynamic simulation engine, multiple users can contribute and collaborate together to perform analysis, detect delays or bottlenecks in patient movement, and generate real solutions that can be implemented. Because of the ease of use, Simcad Pro brings the simulation technology to everyone involved and facilitates lean thinking. A key feature of Simcad Pro is the ability to create

Simcad Pro allows the user to import live data into the model to help provide the users with up-to-date information that can accurately be interpreted and used to create solutions. Also, historical data can be imported to increase the validity of the results. CAD layouts can be imported and the model will automatically compute the traveling distances for staff and patients.

When the model has been built, the users have the ability to change different parameters such as timing of patients, resources and staffing, capacities, etc... can be imported using external data sources, such as Excel, or input manually. As the simulation begins to run, the users can see where backups are beginning to occur and where changes are needed in order to increase patient flow. Changes in the number of patients, doctors, nurses, rooms, etc... can be made as the simulation is still running so results are observed immediately. The "Simulation Analysis Report" provides a quick analysis of the model to identify poorly performing areas where improvements can be made. Simcad Pro allows the user to make and view different changes within the simulation environment before spending time and money implementing them within the actual healthcare setting.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Health Simulator:

  • Ability to make "On-the-fly" changes to the model
  • Data is generated through the Simulation Analysis Report
  • Ability to visualize backups and see if changes help
  • Imported data helps to create a statistically accurate distribution
  • Ability to change graphs for patients, doctors and different workstations to improve presentational quality
  • Save time and money by importing data and CAD layout for the model
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