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Supply Chain Management with Simulation Software

Logstics Supply Chain

Supply chains are often an intricate and complicated system. Because there are so many different components that must be taken into account when examining a supply chain, it is useful to user Simcad Pro's patented dynamic simulation software. Simcad Pro allows the users to see the supply chain as a whole to make improvements in overall efficiency and accuracy, which in turn helps to cut costs and eliminate wasted time.

Using Simcad Pro's patented dynamic simulation engine allows multiple users to collaborate, detect delays and bottlenecks, analyze data and generate solutions to problems. Through the different features available in Simcad Pro, users can create different "what-if" scenarios to try to increase efficiency and cut costs. When changes are made, the users can see the affects of the changes immediately on the model.

Users are able to import data from external data sources and to track objects in real time as they move through the supply chain using GPS, Barcodes, etc... The users can also import CAD layouts to ensure that the distances in the scenario real-life match those used in the model, to create an accurate description of the supply chain.

When the supply chain model has been built, parameters such as workers, conveyor speeds, capacities, etc... can be imported from an external data source or input manually. When the model is running, the users are able to visually see where potential problems are occurring throughout the system. This allows the users to generate different scenarios that can solve these problems, while not adversely affecting the rest of the supply chain. Changes can be made while the simulation is still running, which allows users the ability to see if the change creates the intended results immediately. The "Simulation Analysis Report" provides a quick analysis of the model to identify poorly performing areas for resources and process. This information can then be used to decide where changes need to be made. Because the users can see results immediately within the model, the most effective solution can be chosen before implementing it in real-life, saving time and money.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Simulator:

  • CAD file import automatically calculates distances
  • Investigate variability in transportation to destination point
    • Modes of transportation
    • Times to travel
  • No coding required to build models
  • How to improve warehouse functioning and capabilities
  • View each system within the supply chain and view how changes affect each differently
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