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Warehouse Management with Warehouse Modeling Simulation Software

Warehouse Simulation

With the high level of activity going on within a warehouse, it is important to make every effort to reduce wait times, increase organization, optimize schedules and routes, and utilize equipment efficiently. Simcad Pro> allows the users to focus on the three building blocks of any distribution warehouse: receiving, picking and distribution. Simcad Pro's sophisticated dynamic simulation engine technology has enabled users to increase the overall efficiency of their warehouses, reduce wasted time and increase profits.

Managers, supervisors, and other process improvement experts can collaborate together using Simcad Pro in order to improve warehouse practices. Simcad Pro allows user to change different settings within the warehouse, such as equipment used or paths traveled. By implementing these "what-if" scenarios, users can identify the most efficient resources or layouts in order to improve overall functionality. Because the changes are implemented within the model, users can visualize where problems are occurring and fix them before they are implemented in the actual warehouse.

An important feature of Simcad Pro, is its ability to communicate with and draw information from external data sources. Users are able to import historical data into the model, as well as live data that can be retrieved through GPS, RFID, etc... Simcad Pro allows users to import CAD layouts within the model to ensure precise travel distances to generate valid and accurate information and analysis.

While the simulation is running, users can generate and analyze different scenarios to identify poorly performing areas for resources and process. Through the collected information, users can make necessary changes to improve efficiency and reduce downtime and bottlenecks. Because users of Simcad Pro can implement changes to the model first, time and money is saved because they are able to choose the most feasible, cost-effective and accurate solution for the problem.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Simulator:

  • Focus on receiving, picking, replenishment and distribution
  • CAD file import automatically calculates distances
  • Layout analysis to improve efficiency and reduce congestion
  • Test the effects of different equipment
  • Import historical data, accounting for warehouse variability
  • Change resources and shifts of resources and their impact on different functions within the warehouse
  • View the effects of conveyor systems (different speeds, routs, accumulation, merge logic)
  • View bottlenecks and congestion within the warehouse
  • Find optimal equipment and routes for equipment
  • Detailed tracking reports
  • Live alerts and notifications
  • Use Barcodes, GPS, WMS, etc... to track packages and machines
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